Jebel Blanche


Typical bière blanche, obtained by the fermentation of unmalted wheat in addition to the usual barley malt. Its very delicate taste and almost non-existent bitter notes make this beer cool and light. The hopping with Perle gives it a slightly spicy aroma, which is perfectly balanced by bitter orange peel and coriander, both typical of this beer-style.

abv 4.5°

ibu 17

ebc 4

Jebel Blanche is best paired with both crudités and delicate entrees. It is also perfect with a light and unsophisticated second course, like white meat or fish, salads, fresh cheese or some fruit dessert.

Jebel Belgian Blond Ale

Belgian Blonde Ale

Belgian Blond Ale, produced with top-fermenting yeast, fresh and accessible, deep golden in color. White, dense head foam. The bouquet is flowery with yellow-fruity notes, tropical and of Mediterranean citrus fruits. Never too hoppy, faithful to its style. The aftertaste makes the hop stand center stage again, which gives cleanness and freshness, with no excesses.


ibu 44.5

ebc 4-6

Jebel Bionda is best paired with deep-fried dishes, especially fish ones. Perfect to be served with light first courses with vegetables or white meat, a seasonal salad or fresh cheese.

Jebel American Amber Ale

American Amber Ale

American Amber Ale, produced with top-fermenting yeast, with red glares. The head is creamy and persistent. The bouquet recalls citrus fruits, almond, honey. The mouthfeel proves this beer accessible, thanks to the hop, which carries an orange-tangerine aroma. Spicy and dried fruit notes are perceived. The aftertaste is quite hoppy, encouraging to enjoy another sip.


ibu 64

ebc 33

Jebel Rossa is best paired with medium-aged cheese, horse and pork meats. If you love fish, drink it with a fresh grilled tuna, with baked or stuffed mussels. At the end of the meal, try it with dry pastry.

Mongibello Birre enters the craft beer scenery with a story typical for Sicilian people: active, enthusiastic, creative, and always abuzz. This story is about the curiosity and pleasure of two young men who, pushed by their love for beer, began proving themselves with its domestic production, thus starting a fact-finding and educational process - still ongoing - which made their passion for beer become their main job. As of today, that process led to the production of Jebel beer in its blonde, red and blanche variations. Jebel, the "mountain", is the name that Arabs used to refer to Etna, and it is from Etna that Pawel and Davide drew inspiration for their first beer label, as well as for their company’s name: "Mongibello". A tribute to the island’s beating heart, to the solemn, generous and majestic volcano, which made Sicilian land so fertile, Sicilian history so fascinating and Sicilian people’s spirit always abuzz.